Backstage Karaoke & KGB Karaoke are the new standard in the business. Our vision is to create a sound and environment where anyone can feel like a star. Dan and Robi, the owners of Backstage & KGB Karaoke, are experienced and seasoned entertainers and deliver a fresh, modern karaoke experience for audiences. Check out our events to find a show near you and put us to the test, you’ll come back over and over again. Why? Because we love it!

Backstage Karaoke & KGB Karaoke are focused on the pure pleasure of the singers’ experience, delivering amazing live sound and a friendly fun atmosphere for everyone.

#GoodbyeSongbooks – We have a fully digital song request system, with kiosk tablets or you can even use your own smartphone! *thumbs up!* …. Songs are updated regularly with the latest hits, and can even be downloaded on demand (if you are ultra nice!)

So here is your chance to be heard – unleash your inner voice and become an instant star! …. The stage is set, the lights are dimmed we just want you!

Daniel McGoldrick
[email protected]
Mobile: 0420 316 744

Robi Marsh
[email protected]
Mobile: 0490 025 018



Karaoke is evolving and we are at the FOREFRONT – out with the old and in with the new. No more books, no more slips, our fully digital song request system makes the request process a breeze!


We strive to deliver the best show possible for people who attend, but its also just as important to capture what happens at the shows, so patrons can relive the magic with friends and followers alike. Capturing the shows with our high quality video and photography, is just another thing that sets us apart from our competition, and reenforces your decision to use our services. Any video and photos from our shows will be featured on our facebook page weekly where you can TAG, LIKE & SHARE in the aim to build a bigger audience for our company and the venues we frequent.


Too many karaoke companies claim to have ‘the best sound’, but the majority fail to deliver, due to inexperienced operators and low quality equipment. We use the latest in digital audio equipment, giving us the flexibility to control our sound from anywhere in the venue. This enables us to deliver the best audible experience we can, whilst maintaining a safe listening level and remaining within any required audio level restrictions.


We can provide all the required artwork for all the different platform such as Facebook and Instagram, this could save you money not having to outsource to a external designer, and provides consistent branding across events. We can also work with you to establish a social media schedule, to reduce the complexity that comes with Social Media marketing, and maximize your organic reach and engagement.